João Paciência

tender tgv high speed train link

  • Year 2008
  • Location Évora, Portugal
  • Typology Transports
  • Area 30.000sqm

Outside the city of Évora and in a wide area in Alentejo, it was intended to design a new railway station in the two lines crossing point: a regional line and an international one, that would cross with that one at that point, but in an upper bound to the first and destined to the new high-speed train, known as TGV.


Besides the stringent requirements of double accessibility of vehicles and passengers for each of these lines, the condition to be a contest of concepcion/construction, limited even more the development of the architectural ideas , having to minimize the covered areas of all types, and all functional connections , thus it was also reduced the budget.


Being as it was a place without built references, the more it was needed the necessary identity for those who came, and at the same time to wait with maximum comfort in the arrivals and departures, for the two lines of the trains.