João Paciência

d. joão v residential condominium

  • Year 2008 | ...
  • Location Lisboa, Portugal
  • Typology Housing
  • Area 34.300sqm

Building in grouped forms, in a "tower" type topology, which respects the altitudes of Aeronautics bondage, and is 45 degrees away from the nearest building.


The foundation that solves the street gap involving the plot, and allow the entrance to the private parking at the level of the basement with the 2nd lower floor, has in the exterior a gardened area, partially covered with structural elements that give formal continuity between this foundation and the housing tower.


At the entrance, which will be done by the level of the landscaped platform mentioned above, there will be an area to access lifts and also a codominium area for meetings and leisure.


The building is organized by the conjunction of two grouped volumes into an acute angle, where the main apartments are , and on two other volumes to South, suspended and facing south, where the larger duplex type apartments will be located.