João Paciência

lot 25 and 26 apartment block

  • Year 2002 | 2009
  • Location Aveiro, Portugal
  • Typology Housing
  • Area 8.200sqm

These buildings of residential use, occupy two contiguous lots that integrate the Detail Plan in Aveiro Center, giving front to an existing garden area ,that frames the end of the canal that ends in the area of the current Town Hall.


As dominant materials for characterizing the building, we have chosen the glass and white marble, including opaque areas of the facades giving continuity to the vains, dematerializing the volume.


Between floors we used small lacquered aluminum consoles in white, that not only accentuate a more horizontal reading of the building, but also help to stay in the regulations of fire safety between floors.


The two larger facades have different treatments without asserting themselves as front and rear, being one flatter (which relates to the street) and the other more elaborate with the balconies on balance (which is related to the park).