João Paciência

meliã lisbon hotel

  • Year 2016 | ...
  • Location Lisboa, Portugal
  • Typology Hotels
  • Area 22.1000sqm

The volume ratio of the building with the other architectures monitoring on the side of António Augusto de Aguiar Avenue is made through a modular design, marking large spans for the rooms, moving to a slightly curved volume marking the corner, all coated in glass so as to make it aesthetically significant, and limiting it on the last floor with a large flap of sheet aluminum that protects the recessed rooftop restaurant.


The building occupies a significant part of St S.Sebastião da Pedreira Street, in masonry, polyhedral closing the plant that delivers all that block.


In that side are the service entrances and parking, and there are located the areas of larger rooms for various events.