João Paciência

argonautas and fernando pessoa apartment building

  • Year 2000 | 2011
  • Location Lisboa, Portugal
  • Typology Housing
  • Area 13.600sqm

These two buildings integrate two adjoining lots with formal composition parameters previously imposed by the Morphological Plan, and with a dominant residential use.


Its construction was made at different moments and for different clienteles, which eventually brought adjustments in the architectural composition, maintaining however the essence of its overall image.


There were naturally considered the formal and scale relations with the adjacent lots on either side of the main fronts, and the atmosphere to give the Argonauts Street and the access to the lot.


Given the "dryness" of the form imposed by the plan, we searched for solutions of subscales and simple chromatic relations using the finest materials.


We focused on large gaps in living rooms and bedrooms, opening the internal spaces to the outside, allowing the higher floors to have a direct visual relation with the Tagus River.