João Paciência

aldeia dos capuchos hotel

  • Year 2001 | 2008
  • Location Almada, Portugal
  • Typology Hotels
  • Area 18.000sqm

This is a Hotel Apartment with 4 stars category, which complements an urbanization with touristic features.


Its location was thought to be the limit of a small valley trough which defines the center of gravity of the urban - touristic complex, along which develops a landscaped and equipped with play equipment area.


Its shape is defined by two oblique arms, opened to the west and with views over Caparica and the sea, materialized this way by the entrance to the hotel lobby, which doubles up on the pool terraces between the two arms aforementioned; meanwhile it allows all the terraces of the apartments to enjoy the views over the sea.


The accesses to the bedroom floors are made by the panoramic elevators that are located in the atrium allowing a view of the landscape to the west , while they contribute to a scenographic animation of the common areas of the building .


In this building also exists one welness center on the north side, with a functional connection to the gallery, allowing access to indoor pool that can be put completely in the open by a cover glass slide, and also to a spa.